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The promise and perils of new developments in science - some happening now and some anicipated - invite questions about their ethical and legal implications. New technologies can potentially enhance performance and have vast effects on productivity, evolutions, quality of life, and the social...
Imagine you had a silicon chip implanted in your brain that allowed you to speak another language fluently. Neat, huh? Take it a step further: Imagine an implanted brain chip no larger than a grain of rice what would enable you to be brilliant and focused at work, cheerful and relaxed at parties...
Augmented cognition, like so many new technologies, has its promises and its perils. Whereas recent literature in ethics focuses on the military origins and applications of augmented cognition and harnessing the power of a symbiotic brain-nervous system-computer system for warfare, this article...



More Publications

American Journal of Bioethics
Lessons from Other Codes: Is it the Journey or the Destination?
DePaul Journal of Health Care Law
Is Ethics for Sale? Juggling Law and Ethics in Managed Care
American Journal of Bioethics
Keeping an Open Mind: What Legal Safeguards Are Needed?
GPSolo Magazine (American Bar Association publication)
The Dark of Collaboration: When Good Technology Goes Bad
ASBH Exchange
Neuroethics, Responsibility, and Criminal Law
Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering and Transgenics
The Physiologist
When Pigs Fly? Legal and Ethical Issues in Transgenics and the Creation of Chimeras
American Journal of Bioethics
A Legal Perspective on Humanity, Personhood and Species Boundaries
Journal of Evolution and Technology
Biotechnology at the Margins of Personhood: An Evolving Legal Paradigm
Clinical case commentary: HMO-dictated patient discharge, Virtual Mentor, March 2004
Available at:
Oregon v. Ashcroft
Physician-assisted suicide with federally controlled substances.
Available at:
Loss of frozen embryos: Virtual Mentor. December 2002.
Available at:
Cultural differences intensify end-of-life care challenges (with F. Lagay): Virtual Mentor, November 2002
Available at:
Criminal Liabilities, Chapter 7 in Sciarra, Jana (ed.)
Nursing Malpractice: Sidestepping Legal Minefields
Healing Ministry
Three Lives, Three Deaths, Three Journeys: Explorations on Dying Well
Good News/Bad News
The Supreme Court in Cruzan, June/July, 1991
The Vexation of Viability: Arbitrary or Valid?: Legal and Ethical Issues in ARTs

Presentations/Speaking Engagements 

July 2005, Las Vegas, 11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
“Promises, Promises in Bioterrorism and Augmented Cognition: Will Synthetic Humans be Persons or Property?”
July 2005, Destin, Florida
“BioNano Technology: Manpower And Modern Miracles: The Impact On You” Medical Association Of The State Of Alabama
May 2005, San Diego Mesa College
“A Paler Shade of Gray: Will Neurotechnologies Expand the Boundaries of Life and Death?”
April 2005, Albany, New York, ASBH Spring Meeting
The Ethics of Bioethics: “Teasing Out the Gray: Towards a Model Code for Bioethicists”
October 2004, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH): “Brain in a Box: The Legal, Ethical, and Societal Implications of Advances in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Neurotechnologies”
October 2004, American Association of Artificial Intelligence, Washington, D.C.
“The Search for Artificial Intelligence: Legal and Ethical Considerations in BioTerrorism and other Scenarios”
2004 WorldTalk Radio
The Advent of the Artificial Womb: What does this means for the abortion debate?
July 2004, Montreal, Canada, Canadian Association of Pathologists
“The Dilemma of Dr. Frankenstein: The Moral and Legal Status of Body Parts.” 
May 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Annual Meeting of the Council of Science Editors (CSE), Plenary Speech
“To Sail Beyond the Sunset: Navigating the Uncharted Territory of Bioethics and Converging Technologies.”
April, 2004, University of Vermont School of Medicine, Burlington, Vermont
“Neuroethics: It’s Not Brain Surgery!”
March 2004, University of California at Berkeley
Boundaries in Question, Feminist Perspectives in Biotechnology and Bioethics: “The Vexation of Viability: Legal and Ethical Implications of ARTs”
January 2004, McGill University Faculty of Medicine, Montreal, Canada
“Legal and Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research and Assisted Reproductive Technologies.”
October 2003, American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, Montreal, Canada
Mock Trial: “Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized?”
September, 2003, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
“Bio-X: Legal and Ethical Issues in Bioengineering.”
August 2003, American Medical Association, Institute for Ethics, Summer Lecture Series
“Legal and Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering.”
July 2003, Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Remaking Humanity? Biotech Challenges for Healthcare, Science and the Church, “Behold Homohybridus - How The Emergence Of Chimeras And Cyborgs Will Challenge Our Understanding Of What It Means To Be Human.”
June 2003, Yale University, New Haven, The Adaptable Human Body: Transhumanism and Bioethics in the 21st Century
“The Future Boundaries of Personhood: Evolving Legal, Ethical, and Technological Definitions.”
April 2003, San Diego, Experimental Biology Meeting, Walter C. Randall Lecturer in Biomedical Ethics
“When Pigs Fly: Legal and Ethical Issues in Transgenics and the Creation of Chimeras.”
July 2002, World Future Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“The Future of Cyberhood: Evolving Technological Legal, and Ethics Definitions”
April 2002, Montgomery College, Takoma Park, Maryland: Millennium Scholars Forum
Computers and Bioethics: What Does It Mean To Be Human?”
November 2001, University of Vermont School of Nursing
Legal and Moral Issues in Palliative Care and Pain Management; Explorations in Dying Well.”
October 2001, Canadian Bioethics Society Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba
"Created in Our Own Image?: Biotechnology's Impact on Legal Personhood"
September 2001, American Society for Law, Medicine, and Ethics (ASLME), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Human Rights and Evolving Notions of Legal Personhood” The American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics
June 2001: Cyberhood: “Challenging the Technical, Legal, and Ethical implications for Defining Personhood”
Australian Institute of Health, Law, and Ethics, Melbourne, Australia
February 2000 - “Ethical and Legal Considerations for Nurse Practitioners”
University of Vermont School of Nursing
1999 “Who Plays God?: Decision-making for the Health Care Professional”
Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, Providence, Rhode Island
1998-99 Rhode Island Senate Committee on Health, Education & Welfare
Testimony/Committee on Bill Regarding Physician Assisted Suicide and Moratorium on Cloning
1996 Rhode Island Medical Society and Rhode Island Bar Association
Constitutional Challenge to Ban Physician Assisted Suicide
1994 Newport Hospital Ethics Conference
Life's Final Days: Rights, Responsibilities and Resources
1993 Rhode Island Hospital Medical Rounds
The Legal Implications of Ending Life
1990 American Bar Association Conference, Chicago, Illinois
End of Life Decisions
Professional Exchange Program with Rotary International
Three month tour of India and Health Care Problems
Bristol Community College, Bristol, Rhode Island
Round table Discussion of Marcia Gray's Case with Judge Boyle
Western New England College Law School
Issues in Health Care and Medicine
Rhode Island Bar Association/Department of Elderly Affairs
Durable Health Care Power of Attorney
University of Rhode Island, School of Nursing
Honors Colloquium on Health and Decision Making-Gray vs. Romeo, The First Federal "Right to Die" Case
Western New England College Law School
The Right to Die - A Lawyer's Perspective
The Rhode Island Women's Network
The Decisions We Must Make
1988 American Bar Association Conference
Birth, Death and Dying